Friday 13 November 2015

Osborne sherry tasting disaster

This blog should have been written yesterday, but I just wasn't up to it then.
It all started very well as we had booked in on the English speaking tour of the Osborne Winery. They don't do many non Spanish tours so it started at 10.30am, possibly a little bit early in the day.
The tour was good, lots of huge casks of sherry and brandy quietly maturing in dark cool warehouses. Our guide was amusing and friendly, and the tour went off without a hitch.
He then took us to the tasting room and showed us our table. There was nine of us in the group and after a quick pour and swirl demonstration he left us with four full bottles of sherry and lots of nibbles.
We started with the dry sherry and that was okay, the second one was not so good, but bottles three and four were excellent. Our guide recommended that we try all four and then have a full glass of our favourite, which is what I think that I did.
Fairly quickly the rest of the group left and we were left on our own. I don't know what happened after that but it seemed a good idea to take a lot of photos, eat all of the nibbles and probably have a couple of extra sips to make sure that we had made the right choice.
We then filled up our empty water bottles with the remainder of our favourite sherries before staggering out into the sunshine. (We thought we might as well take it home as it would only get thrown away. Honest.)
Once we got home I collapsed on the settee and stayed there for the rest of the day.

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