Thursday 19 November 2015

Last night in Spain

Tonight was our last night in Spain for a while, so we went to a beach bar to watch the sunset. It was lovely, but then the mosquitoes and buzzy things came out to bite and dive bomb my wine, so we headed indoors.
We are flying to England tomorrow so we need to pack up the van, do a good spring clean and drive down to Malaga.
Over the last week we have done lots of little things that didn't merit a blog on their own but deserve an honourable mention.
Firstly cats. Lots and lots of them, playing by the seashore and around the campsite. Many people feed them and they look as if they have a nice life.
Storks. Another favourite bird along with the flamingos and penguins. They live on the church roof and zoom around the town.
Ancient civilisations. We cycled to where the Phoeniceans settled in the 8th century BC. Not a great deal of it left now. Towers. Lots of fortifications all along the coast. Just everywhere.
Beaches. Always my favourite outing. This one is just around the corner from the harbour where we watched the sunset. It has the remains of a tower and huge fortifications that are being slowly swept away by the sea.
El Puerto de Santa Maria - great place, we shall return.

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