Tuesday 24 November 2015

Getting cosy in Jerusalem

We had a 3am start this morning as we had a plane to catch. We flew from Luton to Jerusalem together with Darren's mum.
We were met at the airport this afternoon by a friendly guy,  who passed us on to a taxi driver, who dropped us at our hotel. So far so good.
We marched up to the reception desk and then found out that we were all sharing the same room! Not only was it going to be very cosy, but the third bed was a tiny kiddie size - pic 2.
We are in Israel for a week to see all of the sights and it should be action packed and really exciting.
We are also supposed to be with a tour group although we haven't found them yet, hopefully we will later.

Breaking news - the hotel have just managed to find another room for Darren's mum, phew!

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