Sunday 7 April 2013

15 glorious years!

Today is our 15th wedding anniversary, and we wanted to celebrate it in style.
There is very little to see in Johor Barhu - the most popular things on TripAdvisor are Hello Kitty World and Legoland - so instead we tried to find a nice place to eat lunch.
We found a fancy looking Malaysian restaurant, but it was full inside so they put us on the balcony. I have never seen a balcony quite like it before, as it wrapped around the restaurant, but was inside a large exhibition centre. The centre had a very busy show on, so many people were wandering past constantly. Not exactly romantic, but interesting.
Dinner was nice, very spicy and with many ingredients, although nothing like we expected.
We then found a fantastic doughnut shop and bought 24 tiny ones to eat later.
Just had a swim in the hotel pool and looking forward to a great evening in our room with a bottle of oaked Chardonnay. Also, West Ham are playing Liverpool live on the telly at 8.30.


  1. Congratulations on your 15th anniversary!

    I'm sure Darren would have loved Hello Kitty World. Might have been more exciting than a goalless draw against Liverpool.

  2. Thank you! Darren was very happy with the point against Liverpool, and excellent doughnuts too.
    Good to hear from you, wondered if I had bored you enough yet!

    1. No, I'm not bored. I'm enjoying hearing about places that I will probably never visit. We were away on holiday over Easter and last week, so I wasn't checking the blog. Hope you didn't eat all those doughnuts in one sitting!