Monday 22 April 2013

Gurney Drive hotel

We have a new plan when it comes to where we stay overnight. Instead of always staying in mediocre places, we have started staying somewhere really cheap for a few days and then using the money we have saved to stay somewhere quite fancy.
For the last three nights we slept in a large cupboard in Georgetown, and last night we stayed in a mini suite with a sea view on Gurney Drive, the most upmarket area in Penang.
The hotel also had a pool and waterslide. We were the only people around so we made the most of all the facilities.


  1. Very impressive. You almost managed to look cool until you hit the water. Hope it made up for sleeping in a cupboard for 3 nights.

  2. You should have seen some of the photos I didn't use. I quite like the cupboards, maybe a bit dark and cosy, but definitely worth it.