Saturday 20 April 2013

The cannon ball tree

We caught a bus to the Penang Botanical Gardens today. They are only about six kilometres away from Georgetown and we waited ages for a bus and when we got there it was very disappointing.
There were quite a few different areas to visit, but nearly all of them were closed, and there was hardly anyone about.
The best thing was that they had about ten cannon ball trees. They are amazing as the trunk is covered in branches with beautiful pink flowers that eventually turn in to what look like grapefruit sized cannon balls.
We went for a walk around the gardens and came across a whole troupe of monkeys so decided to avoid them and head for some lunch.
We picked the lunch time special at a local restaurant. I had soup that tried to blow my head off, spicy salad that would have done but I picked the big bits of chilli out and then pineapple rice that had no pineapple in it as far as I could tell. Maybe my tastebuds can't pick up subtle flavours any more.

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