Wednesday 24 April 2013


Putrajaya is an amazing place that is about 20 miles south of Kuala Lumpur. It was farmland until about 20 years ago and then the government decided that they were going to relocate all of the government offices to a central place, so they built a brand new city.
It has some fantastic modern buildings and bridges and all set around a man made lake. It has a whole infrastructure of three lane highways and cycle paths, but it is very strange because everywhere is so quiet.
There is a lot of building work going on so I assume it will get busier over the next few years.
We wandered around this afternoon and it is a really nice place.
It is also very close to the airport and there is a fast train that will get you there in 15 minutes, with no stops along the way.
We are staying here tonight before catching a flight to Heathrow tomorrow morning.


  1. that camera will break! Welcome back to the UK - hope you have jumpers handy and this is the warmest it has been :-) Margs

  2. Thank you, dragged out the jumpers and socks and are arguing over who gets to wear Darren 's coat as I seem to have lost mine. Looks like you're having a good weekend. Will be in touch soon.