Tuesday 30 April 2013

Speedboat on the Thames

Today is Margaret's birthday and to celebrate, we have been on a James Bond themed speedboat ride on the Thames.
Unfortunately, we weren't dressed glamorously, but at least we all wore matching cagoules and life jackets as it was very nippy out on the water. (Not something I have ever seen James Bond take into account.)
We boarded at the London Eye and started slowly as there is a speed limit on the river. We looked at the sights including Big Ben, the Tower of London, the Shard and St Paul's Cathedral.
As soon as we went under Tower Bridge the speed limit stops so our driver stamped on the pedal, put the James Bond music on the loudspeakers and off we shot.
It was a real shock how fast the boat went and the driver started slaloming from side to side so that the boat angled dangerously down towards the water. I was relieved when the music ended and thought it would slow down, but then we had 'View to a kill' by Duran Duran, the Baywatch theme and a bit of Queen.
We eventually did a crazy u turn and whizzed back to the bridge where we slowed down again for a sedate drive back to the dock.
Fantastic trip and the bright sunny day made it perfect.

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