Saturday 6 April 2013

Singapore to Johor Barhu

We left Singapore this morning and caught the MRT to Woodlands station where we then caught a bus to Malaysia. The total journey cost less than £2 each.
We stood in an orderly queue at the bus stop at Woodlands and caught the bus to the border where everyone had to get off and clear customs. Everyone was being quite polite, but secretly trying to overtake everyone else in the rush to get through immigration.
We were the only westerners on the bus, and had our luggage with us, so we could not compete properly. We also had to join the 'foreigners' queue and have our passports examined carefully.
There was then an unofficial race to get to the next bus stop to get through no-man's land.
I really like land borders between countries, as opposed to flying in as they seem more exciting and I always expect to see spies being exchanged a la James Bond in the middle. Some borders you have to walk over with your own luggage, and sometimes you have to be in a vehicle. This time we showed our bus ticket and got a lift to the Malaysian border.
We got through and could have boarded the bus again to the city centre, but our hotel is nearby so we caught a taxi the last bit of the way.
The weather is dull and rainy today, so I am using this as an excuse to use photos of the Singapore skyline so you can see how modern and pretty it Is.

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