Tuesday 2 April 2013

Frog claypot and live fish porridge

We are staying in the Chinatown area of Singapore and it is pretty interesting. Once again we are in a red light area, but it is very discreet and well maintained, as you would expect here.
The other interesting thing is the food - we are surrounded by hundreds of restaurants with outdoor seating across the pavements, so you have to walk round and through them on every journey. They are extremely busy from about 4pm and nearly all of the tables are full, mainly of working men eating steaming bowls of food and drinking Tiger beer.
The menus are terrifying and today I saw a big bag full of large green frogs awaiting their fate.
We have eaten at a couple of them, but only ones with photos of the food and kept it simple - rice, chicken and veg so far.
We walked to an area today called Kampong Glam where most of the century old shophouses have been brightly painted and turned into little restaurants and trendy shops.
It made a nice change from the rest of Singapore and the huge modern glass and steel buildings.

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