Tuesday 10 September 2013


This is a late posting from yesterday as my brain was so exhausted that I couldn't write it last night.
We drove to Norwich and spent the afternoon on a mini guided cycle tour with Darren's cousin Debbie. I couldn't catch all of the commentary but I think these are photos of the old and new cathedrals.
We stayed overnight with Debbie and her lovely family, who all inspected and approved of our campervan.
After dinner we played the most complicated board game in the whole world. It was called St Petersburg and you had to buy workers, aristocrats, buildings and something else that I never understood. Every now and again you were handed seemingly random amounts of money and got points on a scoreboard.
Strangely, I always got less than everyone else and I never knew when it would be my turn.
I was still quietly confident that in the final count up I would win, but after playing for about three hours it turns out I came last.
Don't try it at home!

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