Saturday 14 September 2013

Views from St Paul's Cathedral

We caught a train to London today and picked up a 'two for one' brochure which showed that we could visit the Cathedral for £16.
We were too close to it to get a good picture of the outside of the dome, and inside no photography was allowed, but we walked up over 500 steps to the top and the view from it was amazing.
Obviously, the Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and was on a totally different scale to the Sheldonian Theatre that we saw yesterday. The dome is amazing as he realised that to get the signature massive shape from the outside, and for it to also look great from the inside, then he had to incorporate a huge gap in the middle. This is what we climbed up through on our way to the top so we saw the bare bones of it and it was pretty scary.
Lovely, although very grey, views of London.

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