Friday 6 September 2013

Great Yarmouth

Wandered around Great Yarmouth today taking in the sights.
There is a pretty big wind farm just off the shore and next to the pier is an information centre that tells you all about Scroby Sands Wind Farm. It was very good, they had a handle that you could turn that drove the power for a radio, a tv, a fan and a toy car. If you could turn it fast enough it would drive all four things, but I could only manage the radio and the fan. It was quite exhausting and very noisy in the quiet centre, so I stopped that and chatted to the curator instead.
He told us all about the power cable that leads from the farm to the seashore. It is about six inches thick and looks a bit like a wedding cake.
Next we went on the pier which was strange for two reasons - firstly, it only just reaches the sea and secondly, it was practically deserted.
Our third port of call was a huge statue commemorating Lord Nelson who lived locally. This was surrounded by a run down industrial estate and empty buildings.
Interesting day.

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