Wednesday 25 September 2013

Durdle Durdle and more

Looked at the map this morning and loved the sound of somewhere called Durdle Door. Had no idea what it was, but it was by the sea and the name was good. We always have to visit at least two places each day on a bike ride, in case one is rubbish, so I also picked Lulworth Cove as that sounded pretty too.
Got to LC first, along with a few thousand other people. It is approached through Lulworth village which is really beautiful, there were no cars parked anywhere, and it was all on a steep downhill section of road, so it was like whizzing through the 18th century.
The Cove itself was where all the people were and was a beach and cliffs that were almost circular, with a little space at the end which was open to the sea. (Sorry you will have to either imagine it or visit as I didn't get a picture.)
Then we cycled up to Durdle Door. In Anglo Saxon , durdle means an opening, so really the place means either Door Door, or Durdle Durdle.
Very dramatic place.
As the cliffs behind it were so high, on the way home we cycled for a few miles without having to pedal, which is always welcome.
We stopped for a late lunch and cider at a pub and very surprisingly, it started raining - heavily.
We eventually left and started following a little path with a slidey muddy middle. Unfortunately, I took a turn too quickly, slammed on the brakes and fell off on top of a large nettle.
No lasting damage done.

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