Thursday 5 September 2013

Captain Christine of the Broads

Today we joined about 200 other passengers and went on a boat trip around the Broads. At last we can confirm what we suspected for the past few days. We sailed along looking at some very posh back gardens, all of whom had a fancy yacht moored next to the hydrangeas and carefully tended lawns.
The rest of the journey was alongside huge areas of reeds that are used for thatching the roofs of the many beautiful cottages around here.  There was no sign of any roads or footpaths, but apparently, the reedy areas are very boggy, and I am sure that the rich people wouldn't want anyone tramping through their private property.
On the return leg the Captain asked for a volunteer to drive us back. I couldn't resist so I put on my Captains hat, sat in the big chair and started steering.
I beeped the hooter and turned us hard to port whilst avoiding the other boaters and we chugged gently along at four miles per hour.
He then told me to line us up with a house in the distance and keep her straight. Unfortunately, I mixed up my rights and lefts and he had to stop me ramming the bank, but apart from that it went very well.
Not sure if Cunard will take me on yet though.

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