Wednesday 11 September 2013


The Queen is at Balmoral at the moment, so we took the chance to visit Sandringham, her Norfolk home.
There was no photography allowed in the house, however, I can report that it was lovely, very tasteful with lots of family mementoes. It was also quite cozy and not too grand.
There was a display of some of the diamond jubilee cards that she was sent by members of the public. We only saw 100, but she actually received over 100,000.  It didn't say whether she opened them all herself.
She also had a fantastic collection of vintage cars, mostly Daimlers and Rolls Royce's that were used for official duties.
We finally visited the church that she attends on Christmas morning, as well as every Sunday while she stays at Sandringham. Surprisingly, anyone can attend the services, although you do have to get there a bit early to be security checked before the sermon starts.

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