Friday 25 July 2014

Roasting in Glasgow

Spent the red hot day checking out the cycling options for our upcoming events in Glasgow.
We started at the Celtic football ground, (transformed for games to the athletics stadium) which is right opposite the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome.
We took photos of a mascot (pic 1), and a friendly volunteer told us that there are 25 of them around the city, so we started our photo collection.
After that it got even hotter as we cycled to Rangers football ground which is now masquerading as the Rugby Sevens stadium - sorry no picture.
Then we found our way to Glasgow city centre to try to match the views seen from the Breakfast TV studio. It was amazingly busy, but got the shot of the armadillo building and the big crany thing.
Central Glasgow again, this time the older part and we found another mascot, unfortunately accompanied by a very loud piper.
Last city port of call was George Square for a quick sandwich break  - pic 4.
All that was left was a 20 kilometre blast home on the bikes, followed by four massive glasses of cold water and a very long shower.
Ps, finally we went out for dinner and sat on the next table to the England triathlon team who are racing tomorrow. Best photo of the day - Alistair and Johnnie Brownlee, Vicky Holland, Elaine and Mark!

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