Saturday 19 July 2014

Welcome to Scotland

Apparently, England is in the middle of a heatwave, but we arrived to torrential rain today in Scotland. We are planning on spending about six weeks here, although I think we will have to add a disclaimer - weather permitting.
We have driven to Garlieston, which is in the far south western corner of Scotland.
There was a lull in the rain as we arrived and the place looked lively, with the two harbourside bowling greens packed with keen bowlers, all dressed in white.
The campsite was full and it all looked promising.
Before we had time to explore, the rain started up again in earnest and we were confined to our van for about six hours.
It has just stopped now and I have been for a quick wander along the drenched and deserted main street.
The street reminds me of a painting in one of our friends houses, where a long terrace of houses twists around a corner and a scary looking man is walking away.
Hopefully it will all look brighter again tomorrow.

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