Monday 14 July 2014

Rainy Ambleside

We checked the weather forecast this morning and it was due to be fine until 4pm. Strangely, it started raining just after 9, so we delayed the start of our bike ride.
A couple of hours later  it was dry and bright so we set off, then lost each other so we wasted even more time riding in circles looking for each other.
Eventually we were reunited and set off on a testing ride from Coniston, via Hawkshead, then along Lake Windermere towards Ambleside. Fortunately I took a few photos quite early on as it then started to rain gently.
We stopped to warm up and dry out a bit in a lovely coffee shop in Ambleside before continuing on our journey.
The route back was probably beautiful, but we couldn't see it through the torrential downpour. We were soaked to the skin, but pedalling hard up and down the hills. 
I noticed a strange phenomenon happening that I have only rarely seen before - my jeans started to go frothy around the knees. I think it is because there must have been a tiny bit of washing powder that hasn't been rinsed out fully, and they were so wet that I was 'washing' them again as we travelled along. Weird but true.
Ps, the second photo highlights the huge amount of moss growing in the forests, probably an indication that it is pretty damp around here.

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