Monday 21 July 2014

Ayr races

We arrived in Ayr at lunchtime and our campsite is very near to the racecourse. We found out that today was a race day so headed along.
The place was completely packed, and lots of the ladies were wearing their best outfits.
There was acres of pink skin on show, that turned redder as the sun shone all afternoon. I was disappointed that I hadn't dressed up too, but I thought people only made an effort for Ascot and the Grand National. Also, it seemed compulsory to wear a fascinator and seven inch high platform sandals. If I bought shoes that high, then I would be able to rest my elbow on top of Darrens head, which wouldn't be a good look for either of us.
There was seven races in total and we were both confident of doing well. I made a beginners mistake of picking the first horse based on his name - Spirit of the Sea.
Daz picked a big lively horse and we placed our bets then stood expectantly at the finish line.
Glenalmond romped home in first place and Darren had his first win of the day.
For the rest of the day I tried out different strategies, big horse, pretty horse with a plaited tail, favourite in the programme, etc, etc, but still no luck.
By the final race I was so disappointed that Daz and I pooled our stakes and went for a good name - Grand Diamond - ridden by a lady jockey called Rachel.
The race started and Rachel quickly got into last place, with the announcer even saying that she was riding well at the back.  We were resigned to another loss, but suddenly, on the final bend she started to speed up and overtook the back markers.
She shot past us at full speed and headed for the finishing line as we screamed and jumped up and down. She left it a little bit too late though and only made it to third, but that was my best finish of the day.

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