Tuesday 15 July 2014

Wetherlam ridge walk

After the success of our previous ridge walk, we thought we would try a second one from the same book.
It was slightly more complicated as the start was 7k from our campsite, so we needed transport there and back. We decided to cycle and set off on our bikes. The main road was fairly flat, but then we turned off towards Low Tilberthwaite and it was steep uphill for the rest of the way.
Still tired from the exertions yesterday, we were both very tired before we even set off. We consoled ourselves with the thought that we could turn off before the going got tough, and set off up a steep set of steps past a ruined quarry.
The scenery was beautiful, and we could see the top of the hills today, so we gradually made our way upwards.
We had a picnic with us and Darren opened his can of Diet Coke and offered it to me. I must have been thirstier than I thought as I completely emptied it, and gave him back the empty can. He was a bit miffed, and I can sort of see his point, but I thought he was being gentlemanly, and he thought I was a greedy guts.
Fortunately, it didn't spoil my day (Daz mentioned it a few times though) and we were enjoying the views so much that we did the whole circuit.
If you know the area then we walked over Wetherlam, Swirl How, Great Carrs, Little Cars, and Wet Side Edge - if you don't then you ought to come and see it as it is amazing - and there are loads of walks along more level ground.
We got back to our bikes after 13.5k and it was fantastic to freewheel most of the way back down to Coniston.
Back home now and quite shattered, so we are definitely having a lazy day tomorrow.

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