Tuesday 9 December 2014

Heading to Gibraltar

We drove about 50k around the coast to the Spanish town of La Linea. It is right on the border with the rock and is the nearest that we could to park to Gibraltar.
We got our bicycles out and cycled straight down the coast, turned right and arrived at customs.
The beauty of being on a bike is that you can drive straight up to front, bypassing the car and bus queue and then ride straight in.
The first thing you come to the fantastically named Winston Churchill Avenue. We cycled along it and then immediately across an airport runway. It stretches the whole width of Gibraltar, with one end of it still reaching out into the sea.
We just had a flying visit this afternoon to check out the duty free shops and pick up a map.
We are up for a full days sightseeing tomorrow and I am looking forward to it all, except the famous apes. Hope we don't see any.

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