Thursday 18 December 2014

Setenil de las Bodegas

As well as recommending the bull ring from yesterday, our campsite manager also told us to go to Setenil de las Bodegas.
We never thought to ask why, but set off to cycle there today.
It was quite a distance, we finished with a fantastic 4.5km downhill to the town. Once there we stood on the street thinking ' what now?' But then we turned down a side street and 'wow!!'
I have no idea why whole streets would be built under the over hanging rocks, but it looked amazing and it seemed as if they had been there for a long time.
We settled down under the rock roof and got the wine and tapas ordered.
After a lovely lunch we took a look around the town. The place was crazy, loads of houses built into and under rocks, unbelievably steep and narrow streets and tiny white painted houses crowded almost on top of each other.
We left on an almost deserted road and started cycling uphill. This went on and on and the views were beautiful - our town is the one on the far right of pic 4.
Next stop was the Roman ruins of Acinipo. It was a town built for retired soldiers, but they must have been very fit to get up to the town, as it was on the summit of what seemed to be the highest hill around. It nearly finished me off, and when we got there it had closed 15 minutes earlier. (Who organises these outings?)
We didn't get to see their amphitheatre, but never mind.
Carried on home following the undulating road, stopping only to buy a big cake for tea.

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