Sunday 7 December 2014


Another energetic day today, as we covered more than 18 kilometres on our round trip.
Our campsite is on the beach 7k up from Tarifa and to save time, we decided to jog as much of the route there as possible.
Once again we were stopped in our tracks with a river emptying into the sea. We knew that it was there because a couple of days ago we saw kite surfers surfing from the sea, along the river and then straight into a lake behind the sand dunes.
At that time the river was about waist deep, but we were lucky today as the tide was out, so it was less than knee deep.
Darren was a real gentlemen and piggy backed me across, so I didn't even have to take my shoes and socks off.
Tarifa is a lovely little town with an ancient castle, so we took a look around and enjoyed the view from the tower.
Interesting fact of the day - Tarifa is at the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean.
Darren is posing with a backdrop of the Atlantic, while I am reclining in front of the Mediterranean.

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