Sunday 14 December 2014

The road to Ronda

We left the coast today to drive 40 kilometres inland, and 850 metres above sea level to the incredible town of Ronda.
The weather was a pleasant 13 degrees centigrade when we left and the sun was peeping out from behind the clouds.
Once we left the main coast road we immediately started on the twisty, turny and seriously uphill road. We quickly left the sun behind and pulled level with the height of the clouds, before plunging straight in.
We arrived at our campsite about an hour later, the temperature was down to 6 degrees and the rain was falling steadily.
It was nice though and you could tell that we were in that special quiet and tasty mountain air.
We were mainly having a lazy Sunday, but decided that we had better take a sneak peek at Ronda, and what an incredible sight it promises to be.  Spoiler alert for tomorrow - see pic 2.
We also dug out our South Korean winter coats as they will be essential for the next few days.

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