Saturday 25 April 2015

More Everglades

We stayed last night on the ground floor of a motel, with a great view through the window of our car.
I have two comments here - firstly, I have never stayed in a real motel before and only ever seen them in films. In almost every one people are hiding out in motels and the bad guys always burst in shooting everyone inside. Good news, that didn't happen.
Secondly, what a great Cadillac! Obviously, we only paid for a reasonably priced car, but non were available at the hire car store, so we got upgraded massively.
We were on the road early today and straight back into the Everglades. Did you know that the Everglades are basically a 'river of grass', as most of the 1.5 million acres is water filled, but it is almost all covered with fast growing saw grass.
We drove about 35 miles to the sea at a tiny harbour called Flamingo, although unfortunately it does not have any.
We came to look for manatees, but there was none around today, although we did glimpse a giant crocodile hiding under a tree.
We then made our way back to the motel, and stopped at every place en route. Each time it was a complete surprise what we would find.
At one we walked through a jungle for 20 minutes and saw nothing, at another a massive black buzzing thing chased me round the car park as I screamed madly. At a small lake there were beautiful roseate spoonbill birds flying around and crazy fish that jumped about three feet out of the water, only to splash back in again.
At another lake a vulture sat on a sign staring at us as we were warned that if it felt like it, it would damage our car.   One stop was beside a mangrove swamp with lots of little buzzy flies, and at another I annoyed an ibis by following it around trying to get a good shoot.
Great fun day, but very hot and humid, thank goodness our Caddy had air con.

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