Monday 27 April 2015

Naples, Florida

We arrived yesterday afternoon in Naples, Florida and had a great night's sleep. (Our last motel, although mostly lovely, had an air conditioning unit that sounded like Concorde preparing to take off. Once a night would have been fine, but every 20 minutes was pushing it a little.)
There was an Ihop right on our doorstep so we had an enormous American breakfast before setting out this morning.
Our first destination was the beautiful Naples Botanical Garden. I recognised lots of the plants growing in the flower beds, but in England they are all sold for indoor use only.
The best thing though was a temporary life sized dinosaur display. They were incredibly lifelike and they all moved and growled very convincingly. The t rex was very scary and I am quite relieved that they are extinct.
Even though we are English, we then headed back to the motel to avoid the mid day sun. We waited a few hours and then drove to the beach.
Naples beach was beautiful with powder soft white sand, and the water was warm and blue.
We walked to the end of the pier as TripAdvisor had promised that the sea would be full of pelicans and dolphins. Unfortunately, that wasn't true today - lots of pelicans diving for fish, but the dolphins obviously hadn't read the Internet reviews.

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