Sunday 5 April 2015

Red rock canyon

We woke early today and drove a few miles out of Las Vegas to the amazing Red Rock Canyon.
It is very special as we got married here almost 17 years ago. We have never been back since, and I was really looking forward to see if it was as beautiful as I remembered.
On our wedding day we drove up to the Canyon in a limousine and stopped at a deserted car park. The weather was freezing so we held the ceremony in a picnic shelter, with the amazing backdrop.
My sister Elaine has taken a photo of a photo in our wedding album and emailed it to me to try to help us find the exact same spot.
First of all we parked the car and had a fantastic couple of hours hiking and climbing over the red and tan coloured rocks.
Then we drove along checking the views against the wedding photo and we found the car park. I was so pleased to see that it had hardly changed since our last visit.
Unfortunately I don't still have my wedding dress, so we couldn't re-ceate the scene exactly, but we have made a bit of a casual attempt.
Ps, the large cactus was nowhere to be seen so I didn't line us up very well.
Pps, maybe romance isn't dead!

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