Monday 13 April 2015

Zip wiring in Nicaragua

We spent the last three days at sea, travelling down the west coast of Central America and arriving at San Juan del Sur this morning.
We are cruising with our friends Susan and Paul, and our outing today was a zip wire trip in the hills behind the village.
We were picked up by the organisers, driven to the venue, kitted out in the harness and hard hat, and given a quick safety talk.
After that we were off! 
There was 15 wires, the first five were fairly easy so we gradually built up our skills and confidence, and then they got higher and steeper.
It was quite comfortable and the views were beautiful.  The idea was to control your speed and direction using your right hand, as demonstrated by Susan in pic 2. I never really got the hang of braking, so I had a few scary moments when our guide had to put a stopper at the end of the ride to slow me down.
We had a brilliant morning, gliding over trees and valleys. There was lots of birds flying around and we flew over a tree that was full of dark coloured monkeys foraging in the treetops.
All too soon it was over and we headed to a beach bar for a cocktail or two.

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