Monday 6 April 2015

Flying visit to Los Angeles

We flew into Los Angeles first thing this morning and the landing was very bumpy and fast. As the plane slowed to a halt the flight attendent came on the tannoy to loudly announce 'we made it! ' to her relieved passengers.
We haven't made a proper visit to the city of Angels, we just spent the morning crossing the city on three different buses.
The final one took us along a huge freeway to our final destination - Los Angeles port.
Yesterday we saw the dancing fountains at the Bellagio Hotel, and it was a nice surprise to be welcomed into the docks fountains at the entrance.
Hiding shyly behind the them in pic 3 is our next mode of transport - Queen Victoria.
We walked up to the check in desk and all of the crew kept saying ' welcome back' to us. I wondered how they knew that we had sailed with them before.
However, it turns out that they saw our luggage (Darren has a Sainsbury style reusable shopping bag and I have a pink shopper) and they thought that we were existing guests doing a little shopping, rather than new arrivals with two weeks worth of clothes.
It's good to travel light, particularly on public transport.

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