Sunday 5 April 2015

Las Vegas

It was our last morning with Jacques in San Jose and we went for an authentic American breakfast. I had the sunnyside up eggs, hash browns, bacon, sourdough toast and bottomless coffee. It was good and enormous and set us up for the day.
Fantastic host Jacques drove us to the airport for our late flight to Vegas after a quick trip to a vineyard.
We arrived and picked up our hire car, then decided that we should cruise up and down the main strip. It was a big mistake really as the Strip is about five lanes wide in each direction and it was absolutely to full bursting with traffic.
We crawled along and the view was spectacular and the sidewalks were packed with thousands of people.
We then decided to head to our hotel - the Monte Carlo - but although we could see it and passed it a few times from different directions, it took us ages to find the car park.
We were getting really stressed, but then suddenly we turned down a side street and we were in.
Our room is on the 30th floor and photo three is our multi coloured view. All of the worries were quickly forgotten once we went down to the casino and sat at the bar with a cocktail - obviously.

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