Friday 15 May 2015


This evening we went to the Futuroscope theme park that is near to our new campsite. We didn't know much about it, so it was quite a surprise when we got there.
As expected from the name, it was full futuristic buildings, each of them housing a different attraction.
Amongst other things we went to see an Imax film, an amazing 3d underwater film and a totally mad motorbike video where our seats leapt about and threw us all over the place as if we were actually in the scene.
We didn't go in a pitch black building where you had to find your way around in dark as I don't like that sort of thing.
The whole place was really busy and beautifully landscaped with lots of interesting statues and water features.
We stayed really late and it was dark by the time we decided to cycle back home. Darren had a front light and we both had red flashing back lights and we set off following the sat nav's instructions.
Unfortunately it decided to take different route home and after a while it turned us off down a pitch black road that then led to a track through a field. At first we thought that it was only a very quick short cut so carried on, but then it took us almost all of the way back through the middle of nowhere.
It was really scary as I didn't have a front light so just had to stay close to Darren and hope that I didn't fall off. I kept worrying about axe men and mad dogs, but we made it back in two pieces.
So, if you want to try to recreate for yourself one of the attractions of Futuroscope, then find yourself a few fields in middle of nowhere and wander around in them without a torch.

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