Monday 11 May 2015


Yesterday was very hot so we were really surprised to wake up today and find it cold and very grey. We waited a while but the weather stayed the same, so eventually we got the bikes out and cycled up the coast to Biarritz.
The place was deserted so we decided to make the best of it and go for lunch. After a pretty leisurely and pleasant French three course special we headed outside and found that everything had changed.
The sun was out, the surf was up and sparkling white, surfers were arriving in their droves and the beach was starting to fill up with sunbathers.
We cycled as far as the lighthouse in pic 1, and then headed back taking in the view.  At one point we stopped to walk over a little bridge that ends at a rock out in the sea.  It had a statue of Mary on the top, and another rock nearby had metal crosses attached to it.
We are back at the campsite now and even though it is past 8.30pm I can still see surfers in the sea behind us.

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