Thursday 14 May 2015

Margaux vineyards

We went on a cycle ride this morning to see the vineyards around Bordeaux. The area produces some of the top wine in the whole world, and the village Margaux is amongst best of the best.
It was very quiet this morning, so we stopped for coffee at a little cafe by the station. We could have gone to loads of wine tastings as all of the chateaux were open, but one of the problems with visiting the best in the world is that they are very expensive.
Instead we stopped off at Lidl on the way back home and picked up a couple of nice sounding bottles from local suppliers.
This was a bit of a mistake as it delayed us by about 20 minutes, so instead of making it home nice and dry we hit a heavy rain shower and got soaking wet.
I am sure the wine will be worth it though.
Ps, we also saw a couple of the local storks who have made it back to their gigantic nests after a winter in Africa.

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