Sunday 31 May 2015

Summer triathlon spectating

I crawled around under the cupboards in our campervan this morning to seek out my hat, scarf and winter woollies that I had packed away until next winter.
I needed them as we were off to Hyde Park to watch the London stage of the World Triathlon Series. Well it is only the 31st of May, so summer hasn't started yet in England, and fortunately I hadn't wasted my time, as I gratefully wore everything and enjoyed a toasty afternoons viewing.
The men's race was first and Alistair Brownlee won it convincingly for England - much to the delight of me and my fellow shiny blue spectators. Alistair was careful to save enough champagne in the bottle to have a nice big glug, and I am sure after all that effort he must have been pretty thirsty. Funnily, the winner of the ladies event drank a bit for the cameras and then spat it all out!
I missed taking a photo of the start of the men's race, as instead of the traditional cry of 'on your marks, get set - go', they missed out the 'get set' bit, so by the time I pressed the shutter all I saw was a splash.
However, I was ready for the ladies race and got most of them mid dive. It was interesting to notice on the right of the photo that one of the ladies set off early, so already has her head in the water. As the compere said 'she set off on the B of the Bang!'.
Ps, I think she also got a time penalty.

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