Wednesday 13 May 2015


We have been in Bordeaux for the past couple of days and discovered that it is a beautiful city. It is full of old and elegant buildings, although they are not afraid to throw in a few modern bits here and there.
The thing that I was most keen to see was a massive reflecting pond that is about the size of football pitch, although the water is only an inch deep.
It is right alongside the river and it was the first thing that we saw when we cycled into the city. Unfortunately, the wind was whipping up little ripples all over the surface so it wasn't showing a reflection today - so although I have written almost my whole blog about it, I haven't included a photo.
Instead I have included pictures of the town, and we had a lovely time wandering around exploring. We also cycled across the river and expected to return via the modern drawbridge, but just as we got there the whole road started to rise up.
It was interesting at first, but then it stayed up for ages, so in the end we had cycle all the way back the way we came.

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