Friday 29 May 2015

Tourists in London

We went to London today, but I was far too embarrassed to take a selfie with one of the cavalry officers at Horse Guards Parade. This didn't bother the other tourists who swarmed happily around him.
We moved on to Trafalgar Square to take a look at the fourth plinth. This is the one which displays modern art, and last time we were here there was a giant blue chicken nesting on top of it.
This time I thought it was a dinosaur skeleton, but it is actually a horse with a bow around its neck. Apparently the title of the work is 'gift horse'- unfortunately I found that out later and had already looked at its mouth.
Finally we got to the purpose of our visit - the Impressionism exhibition at the National Gallery. It was absolutely fantastic and full of beautiful paintings. Pic 3 is by Monet and it shows the Houses of Parliament that he painted in 1870 while living in London.
Ps, thank you so much to Susan for getting us the tickets.

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