Monday 6 January 2014

Oily area

On our bus ride yesterday we passed by the Brunei oilfields and Miri, where we are currently staying, used to be an oil town. Oil was discovered on a hill overlooking the town in 1910, and production continued until 1972.
The original well was christened the 'Grand old lady', and as Daz pointed out, here are two grand old ladies in one place.
There is a large and modern museum next to the well that explains all about oil production and it's history locally, but unfortunately, it is closed on Mondays. So we will never know if the men really turned the pipe by hand, but it seems unlikely to me.
You may be thinking we are making a bit of a mess of things these last few days - turning up when things are closed, catching buses at the wrong time, falling over, etc, etc. Actually, you are probably right.
However, starting tomorrow we have three non stop action packed days, all booked and researched by Darren, so fingers crossed, things should be looking up.

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  1. Ps, forgot to mention that seahorses are the town mascot, which explains the third photo. Whoops.