Friday 10 January 2014

Clearwater cave

We got up early to do our own mini nature walk, but after a few minutes we hadn't seen anything so headed back. Sitting outside our front door was a six inch long green bug with a body that looked just like a pea pod.
Today is our last day here and we were booked on a trip to Clearwater and Lady cave.
We caught a speedboat for a 20 minute trip upriver, and then we walked to the bottom of a cliff. The entrance to the cave was up about 100 steps and was guarded by giant jaggedy teeth. In the photo you can see steps down into Clearwater cave on the left and Lady cave on the right.
Once inside, the cave is enormous and a river runs through it for over 100 kilometres underground. It has carved out a smooth passage and we walked alongside it for a while before climbing back up in to the daylight.
It was also full of amazing rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites.
Finally, we rounded our morning off with a swim in the Clearwater river, which is true to it's name.
I don't think I have explained how beautiful this place, and actually the whole of Mulu is. I would say, if you only visit one cave in your life, then make it this one.

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