Saturday 18 January 2014

A life in the jungle - the ballet

Last night we put on our poshest clothes and headed off for a night at the ballet.
As the crow flew it was only about a kilometre to the theatre from our hotel, but it was across a river and the bridge was nowhere nearby, so a taxi would be very expensive.
We decided to cross the river on a sampan and then walk, although the road took a very indirect route. We ended up marching along the side of a dual carriageway, and the lovely local people kept shouting 'hello' and waving at us from their cars and mopeds.
It gave the walk a festive feel and we were in a cheerful mood when we arrived.
We were lucky to get the chance to see the ballet as it is only on for three days and was last  staged 30 years ago.
It was called 'A life in the jungle' and featured over 100 dancers and a further 100 in the orchestra and choir.
The storyline had an amazing and totally impractical twist. It is based on a local legend featuring a family of pong kapong birds who forgot that they had laid an egg and left it on the top of Mount Kinabalu. I won't give away the ending in case you ever see it.
It was a great end to our month in Borneo and we have just arrived in Singapore for our next adventure.

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