Wednesday 1 January 2014

Happy new year

We went along to the celebrations in Kota Kinabalu and I got my photo taken with some of the glamorous dancers.
The main square was packed and they had  entertainment and fireworks, so we had a lovely time.
We went to bed not long after midnight as we had to be up early to catch a ferry to a little island called Labuan.
We nipped into the Tourist Information Office to find out more about the local sights and it turned out that today is the start of a big advertising campaign.
The friendly lady gave us both big bags of freebies including lots of little cakes and some big crisp like things that said 'fish' on the packet. We were just about to open them as it was round about lunch time, when she came running out of the shop after us. She just wanted to make sure we knew that you had to deep fry them first before eating them.
Unfortunately our room does have a kettle, but not frying facilities, so we can only look at them for the moment.
There is a nice square in the centre of town, but even with Daz and a goodie bag in the picture, I am struggling to make it look interesting.


  1. Fill the kettle with fat then u can deep fry them

  2. Great plan Dave. Will try it early Feb if you could bring out a fire extinguisher with you.