Tuesday 14 January 2014

Cat city - Kuching

In Malaysian, Kuching means cat. I don't know if there was loads of cats around when the city was named, but it is certainly full of them now.
The first cat photo is at the gates of Chinatown and has been dressed in a lovely red outfit. I think this is especially for Chinese new year which happens at the end of January. The shops are full of red lanterns, flowers, lucky charms and fireworks all around here.
We found the small cats during a quick rainstorm, and the third are in the middle of a roundabout.
There is also a cat museum which is full of interesting cat info, including about Hello Kitty and Garfield.
We were planning on visiting it yesterday, but the taxi driver was so keen to over charge us that we refused to go and it is closed today as it is a public holiday.
Darren is allergic to cats anyway, so we might have to miss out on this treat.

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