Thursday 8 May 2014

Rainy day in Amiens

Escaped the rain with a lovely lunch down in the Saint-Leu district of Amiens. It is a medieval waterside area that has been restored and turned into a smart area full of restaurants and bars.
We then headed a little further out of town to see the Hortillonnages. They sounded very interesting and were a 300 hectare (no I don't know how big that is either) mosaic of allotments and pleasure gardens. The whole area was criss crossed with little canals and the area can be visited in a punt like boat called a 'barque a cornet'.
It had stopped raining when we walked into the ticket office, but in the time it took for a pleasant chat in French and the purchase of two tickets, the downpour started up again.
We sat on the wet open seats of our cornet, huddled under our umbrellas, enjoying views of the gardens, ducks and cute little sheds.
Just as we arrived back on dry land the rain stopped for a few minutes giving us time to dry off a little before the next shower began.

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