Thursday 15 May 2014

Amboise and the vineyards

We cycled today to the beautiful town of Amboise, which as everywhere around here, has a chateau on the hillside.
Instead of going in it, we had a tasty plat du jour at a restaurant opposite, including a glass of the local wine.
We also cycled past many vineyards and amazing looking Caves, where wine tasting was encouraged. The only reason we didn't partake was because we had no way of carrying it home afterwards - but from now on we will be packing a fold up rucksack.
Anyway, we have local wine in the van already, and I would have taken a picture of me sitting in the sunshine enjoying it this afternoon, but there have been quite a few pics of me recently and I am slightly worrying about the sin of vanity.
Ps, don't panic Matt, we aren't teetotal yet!

1 comment:

  1. Few I was getting worried 😀 don't forget to bring some home.