Friday 16 May 2014

Chateau de Chenonceau without our bikes

Shocking end to the day yesterday that I couldn't face writing about then. Feeling calmer now so here's the story.
We had a lovely day cycling and finished it off by zooming down hill, then round a really sharp bend, before a fast straight stretch to the campsite. Once there we sat down on a bench to check the wifi. I then got up and on to the bike, and started pedalling away. Almost immediately I fell forwards and sideways onto the ground and the whole bike collapsed underneath me.
Darren rushed over to help me up and couldn't believe it as the bike had split into two separate pieces. The weld in the centre of the folding mechanism had completely come apart.
It doesn't bear thinking about if it had split two minutes earlier on the downhill - it would have been just like jumping out of a car window while it was being driven at 20 miles an hour.
I am in contact with the company and will see what happens next, although I am never getting back on a similar bicycle for the rest of my life.

Anyway, back to today.
Had a lovely visit on foot to the most beautiful Chateau in the Loire Valley. We explored all of the rooms very carefully, and came across a wine tasting session in the basement amongst the barrels that was particularly pleasant.

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  1. remember - where there is a blame - there's a claim!