Tuesday 6 May 2014

Yorkshire trenches

This is a good example of what the trenches were not like in the war, ie; dry, clean and quiet.
The Yorkshire trenches were discovered in 1997 when a new industrial estate was being built on the outskirts of Ypres. A small section has been restored and it is very eerie standing in them.
In the actual war they were often knee deep in mud and water, and the second photo shows a place where the soldiers would fire through the little metal gap at the enemy.
If anyone fired through it now though, they would hit one of the biggest wind turbines that I have ever seen.


  1. nice to see you had health and safety in mind when down the trench by keeping your helmet on

    1. Strange but totally true. The trenches were actually closed and due to be repaired, but I climbed under the barrier for the photos and justified it by wearing my hard hat, and nobody else was around.