Tuesday 13 May 2014

Perfection on a plate

We walked into Blois today for a wander around. Blois is a town nestled on the banks of the Loire with a very famous chateau in the town centre.
We were slightly worried that we might start suffering from 'chateau overload', so instead of going inside we just went as far as the entrance.
Wow, what a grand doorway it was too!
I have just read a bit more about the chateau, and apparently it was a favourite of the Kings of France, unlike Chateau Chambord yesterday.
We may have missed a treat, but I have two chateaux lined up already for the next couple of days, so a day off seemed a good idea.
We put our cash to good use though and instead bought two gorgeous mini gateaux from the Patisserie.

1 comment:

  1. Now then you have been in the home of wine for 3 days and we haven't seen one Grape, vine or valley and mores the point not line glass of wine. Have you both become teetotal 😀😀