Wednesday 7 May 2014

Bonjour from France

Bonjour - here we are in France at last. To be precise, we are in Amiens.
It was a dramatic weather day and we managed to dismantle our tent this morning just before the rain started in earnest.
It took us about two hours to drive to Amiens, with a fantastic French supermarket stop en route, to stock up on the essentials.
Once at the campsite it was full speed ahead to get the tent back up again and filled with overspill clutter from the van.
We made a quick exploratory trip to Amiens and gasped at the incredible cathedral. The stonework is amazing and it is so big that the Notre Dame in Paris would fit inside it twice.
I have been speaking French to people today and all four conversations went roughly the same way. Initially, I spoke my pre-prepared sentence and they listened politely, answered briefly in French, then asked if I would prefer to continue conversing in English, in English!
I had worried that it was taking me so long learn French that the French would beat me to it and learn English, and it does seems to be happening.
I won't let it stop me though and will have another go at mangling their language tomorrow.

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