Thursday 29 May 2014

Carnac neolithic site

We drove about 30 kilometres west along the coast and spent the afternoon exploring the Alignments de Carnac.
We picked up an excellent looking map from our campsite, and set off to find the standing stones. We followed the map into a forest, found a couple of stones but then lost the path.
We ended up carrying our bikes through a farmers field, over fallen branches, ducking under low hanging branches, getting scratched by brambles and nettles, through the rain and then we got back on to a road.
After all of that we found the main site, which is completely incredible. To quote the guide book - 'Almost 3,000 standing stones were set up between 5,000 and 2,000 bc, in an alignment over four kilometres long.'
I climbed a lookout tower and all you could see were rows of enormous, and very heavy, stones stretching away into the distance.
Great afternoon out with the new bike, and Darren, of course.

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