Wednesday 14 May 2014

Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire

Our campsite is on the riverbank, almost in the shadow of the Chateau on the hill above - well about one kilometre away, but it sounds poetic.
We visited today and actually went inside this one. It is a nice size, not too large and bright with lots of sunshine streaming in through the stained glass windows.
Princess d'Orleans et Bourbon lived in the Chateau from 1875 until 1938 and was the last private owner. Money troubles meant that the Chateau passed into the hands of the French State and the Princess spent the rest of her life at The Ritz.
All of the upper floors were then shut and forgotten, until being unlocked in 2011. They have not been repaired but are dry and in very bad condition. A strange modern art exhibition is currently taking place. As usual with modern art, to my eyes it was a bit rubbish, but the rooms were great - I was dying to get stuck in with a wallpaper scraper and paintbrush.
Ps, I don't know if the stained glass is a portrait of the Princess, but I thought it was very beautiful.

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